Alright folks, it's finally here! Today is Day 1 of the Introduction to Cryptocurrency email course 🤗

Are you ready?

Falling down the crypto rabbit hole is a life-changing experience. Be careful, though: once you enter the world of crypto, leaving is nearly impossible 😎

Learning crypto changes your perspective on life in a profound way. Even if you are not actively involved in the crypto world, you will still view things through a different lens.

True, the journey into crypto can be disheartening at times. Learning more of this strange new paradigm makes you aware of just how antiquated, bureaucratic, and sometimes outright corrupt our current financial system is. But on the other hand, this knowledge also breeds hope because you realize that we finally have the tools to start dismantling and reengineering the system from the ground up.

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The crypto degree

Since I first started studying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it feels like I have learned more than I ever did in grade school and university combined! Studying crypto has taught me history, finance, psychology, law, and so much more.

sn't it ironic that Bitcoin has taught me more about money than all these years I've spent working for financial institutions? ...including starting my career at a central bank
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Modern school does a great job teaching us core subjects like math, physics, biology, and history, but barely scrapes the surface of other serious subjects like money. When you start learning about Bitcoin, you quickly realize just how little you know about the thing most of the world revolves around: money.

“Those crashes, these bailouts, are not accidents. And neither is it an accident that there is no financial education in school. It’s premeditated. Just as prior to the Civil War it was illegal to educate a slave, we are not allowed to learn about money in school.” — source

I believe the invention of Bitcoin is just as revolutionary and innovative as other groundbreaking inventions like the printing press and the internet.

This is part of why cryptocurrency is so beautiful and so scary at the same time: The phenomenon is just too big for any one person to truly and understand and master the entirety of it.

Instead of viewing crypto as subject to learn and master entirely, we must think of the learning process as a lifelong journey. The deeper we dive into the cryptocurrency rabbithole, the more we can discover about the world around us, the economy, and how those two tie into one another.

Bitcoin is a game disguised to teach you about...
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With that said, I intend to do my best to provide you with a stepping stone into the world of crypto. I want to give you enough information that you feel confident in forging your own path and exploring crypto yourself. We will dive into many aspects of cryptocurrency during this course: its history, finance, and economics as well as the technology that allows crypto to run and real world applications.

How this course is laid out

Before we can begin learning about cryptocurrency, it is important we have a strong foundation. Knowledge of history, money, banking, and even a little computer science is necessary to get the full effect of this course.

Yes, I know you’re ready to move on to the main course of the meal, but you have to eat your vegetables first! There’s no way around it if you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of crypto.

Hence, the first four parts of the course will require you to eat your vegetables:

Part 1: History of Money

Part 2: History of Central Banking

Part 3: Cypherpunks and Bitcoin predecessors

Part 4: Cryptography and Distributed systems

After we have the basics down, we’ll dive into understanding the first cryptocurrency invented:

Part 5: Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the simplest blockchain and the easiest to understand, so we’ll start learning about the ins and outs of its inner workings. Gaining an understanding of Bitcoin will give you the necessary foundation to then learn about other blockchains that came after it. Once you know more about Bitcoin, you’ll learn about its practical appliances and limitations in the real world,

What comes next...

If you’re still on board, you should expect to receive an email every 3 days that you can read in 10 minutes or less. We will continue like this for 40 lessons. Yes, that is right. 40 lessons.

Be patient, we’ll get to the end in no time ;)

So if you’re ready, let’s do this!

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I’ll see ya in the next post ✌️